Stance SS Coilovers Mitsubishi Evolution X 08+ Swift Spring Upgrade


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SWIFT or Suspension With Intelligence From Tohatsu have been making the best springs in the market and Stance acknowledges this and now offer Swift springs for our whole line of coilovers.

Swift’s flagship products that made Swift a regular name in the worlds most famous racing series. These products have been the child for over 80 years of industrial spring experience. Hundreds of engineers proven concepts and theories were materialized in this springs development. The end, the product is the lightest, most durable, and the most linear spring rate on the market.

Swift made a name for itself on the tracks of Asia, Europe, and U.S. by defying all accepted concepts and speculations about the future, if any, in coil spring science. When many other company were looking at expensive and brittle titanium composites to create the next evolution of springs, Swift was looking at reinventing the entire science of coil spring dynamics. Swift saw that most others are using the old regular silicone chrome material, which was not strong enough. It used a heat tempering method that damaged the strength of the material that requiring more coils, in turn, more weight. The material was also suffering from a short life span. With springs like this leading the industries, Swift saw room for improvement.

Swift’s R & D team created material, called H5S.TW, which is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Because of this material, we could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke.

Daily driver: love the performance but miss the smooth ride?
You don’t have to compromise. Many sports compact consumers think that once they have their coil over systems installed, they are done setting up their suspension. Actually, it is the beginning of their suspension tuning. Replacing your coil springs to Swift springs can provide your vehicle with better traction, increasing your handling performance, faster cornering speed, faster response to road surface and condition, and increase your suspension stroke. By using Swift coil over springs, the driver can enjoy the benefits of the most linear springs available in the market. When you choose Swift, you can expect smooth ride even on uneven surface. You will benefit from the increase in stroke, which absorbs the suspension energy, instead of transferring the energy direct to the chassis. Unlike other brands that might have reached coil bind.

Track racers: less unsprung mass, more strokes, increased handling, and a lot more benefit.
The only thing you will be loosing is lap time. While most track drivers have already began the ritual of swapping their springs, many swap from one brand to another, yet you will only notice the stiffness only as being either softer or stiffer. What if a spring could change other dynamics, such as a noticeably lighter unsprung mass, smoother weight transferring, better ride quality, lower tire temperature, and increased ability to anticipate vehicle reaction? Like most racers, Swift team hates to hear “what if”, so they built the “what if” into reality. Through our extensive research in motorsport both in Japan and in the US, we had achieved just that for our consumers. .

[4kg/mm up to 39kg/mm is available.]

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